One Day in New York City


After years of experiencing New York through tv shows and books (as most people do), I decided it was finally time to see the city for myself. Following five weeks with my extended family travelling Canada and the US, my siblings and I departed from Chattanooga and flew to New York City to end our trip on a high. One of my favourite things is waking up in one city, and going to sleep in another (you know, normal stuff). So, in memory of our time in the Big Smoke, here is my ode to our first day in New York City: a photo essay.

Note: This day involved a lot of walking, so if you’re wondering how we got from Columbus Circle to Times Square, that is the answer. Walk, little tourists, walk.


I woke up and realised, ‘Hey, I’m in New York!’ and suddenly felt like Carrie Bradshaw looking out her window in deep thought.


We made it to Central Park and Columbus Circle, and realised we hate the rain. No matter how free-spirited you might be, it is cold, wet and makes my hair literally stand on end. So we shook hands with the squirrels and bolted back to shelter. The cab must have known I wasn’t a movie star too, because it didn’t splash me going by, nor screech to a halt to pick me up.


Slowly, I am building a large collection of pictures that involve me, and people dressed in giant, round suits resembling chocolate with legs. I’ve visited three out of four M ‘n M stores in the world, and frequently think it’s an accomplishment worth bragging about. Because it is.


Times Square is one of the most amazing, scary, fascinating places I’ve ever visited. A sensory overload, there really is something for everybody there.



Normally a healthy eater, I gave in to temptation. I once paid for my uni textbooks with the coins from my piggy bank, and I think my brother took that advice on when he paid for his pizza in pennies. Much to the dismay of the guy behind the counter, I’m sure.



Then we went into Macy’s and drooled over the things we cannot afford. I’m surprised they couldn’t smell the ‘poor tourist’ scent wafting off us. Or the pennies rattling around in our pockets.



We found love in Madame Tussauds…

IMG_2007IMG_2010And it wouldn’t be New York without a Broadway show… the perfect end to our first day in New York City.


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