Top Reasons to Travel Right Now

All text by Tess McLennan ©

Getting back to the very core of this blog, I thought you might need a refresher course. Also, because I just got back from a weekend away and I’m already itching to go on another holiday! 🙂

1. Experience. 

Life is about creating memories, stories, and things to look back on. Most of my great stories come from the times I spent globetrotting, and I live by the mantra that I would rather be rich in experience than coin. I don’t have a mortgage, and probably never will. But man I’ve seem some spectacular things.


New York in the afternoon.

Photography: Tess McLennan

2. Open mindedness. 

When thrown into the travel deep end (i.e, you’re in Japan and faced with the possibility of eating raw beef), you learn to adapt. Being immersed in different cultures, experiencing different music, art, history, foods and everything else, they are bound to make an impact on your life at home. The downside is, now I can’t even be around someone who is even remotely narrow-minded. Not even for a second.

3. Finding a passion, or enhancing an old one. 

My partner is a town planner by trade, so when we travelled to Adelaide, he was instantly taken by the grid pattern of the streets (similar to the streets of New York, 1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue etc). He is now excited to travel because he wants to see how each city is built.

Whether you’re an artist or musician, a banker or an accountant, there will be something out there in the world for you. I am a musician, and I try to go to a concert or stage show whenever I can when travelling. And what is better than saying ‘I heard Beethoven’s 4th Piano Concerto in Carnegie Hall’, or ‘I saw The Lion King in London’ (in the least obnoxious way possible)! Every time I see a production or concert abroad, I am reminded of just how passionate I am about my trade. It’s those travel feels again.


For all the planners out there…

Photography: Tess McLennan

4. The people. 

People are great. People can also grind your gears. Either way, travelling seems to have given me the ability to deal with both, whether they be amazing and worldly, or just down right irritating. Basically, I have a lot of patience. Think about the Humans of New York movement… people are all about the stories they have to tell. Their experiences, cultures, occupations… they are all what comprise their identity, their very souls. Just the same as you. And isn’t it fascinating to hear about how someone lives on the other side of the globe?


I met my sister’s friend Sarah on our recent trip to Canada and the US, and loved hearing about her life in the states. 

Photography: Sarah Dolmovich

5. Growing as a person. 

Travelling gives you the time to put your life into perspective. You’re away from home, and therefore away from all the troubles that might plague you there. I recently travelled to Canada and the US, and used this time to destress, and figure out what I wanted for the coming year. I started meditating, writing more, and was even inspired to start this blog!

6. It never gets old. 

I have been travelling for many years, and the excitement of heading to the airport for a brand new trip never fades. Once you have the bug, you’re stuck with it. And you never know what is going to inspire you to travel to a certain place… I am mentally planning a trip to Sweden because I recently discovered Swedish literature. I went to New York because I am obsessed with Sex and the City. Whatever your reason, travelling will never go out of vogue, or out of your heart. Trust me. I know!




Photography: Tess McLennan


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