One Day in the Aussie Snow

Some time over the last week, the calendar turned itself to ‘August’ and I realised how scarily fast this year is going. My 2016 has been the usual buzz of activity, much of which can be seen through the photographs I’ve collected, some amazing, some not-so-amazing.

What struck me about the photos, was that from start to finish, they always tell a great story, even the terrible ones. And anyone who knows me, knows I’m all about the stories. I can clearly follow my path around a city by looking at my photographs, I’ll remember who I saw and what we did. I might remember a funny comment someone made at the time, or a certain thought I had. All in all, its easier to take a photograph than to write down everything you did in a day (I shouldn’t be saying this as a writer, but its true!)

So I’ve decided to try something new. A collection of photo essays. Every day in a place has its story. Read the extra parts if you wish… but the photos themselves tell the story perfectly. This one is about the one day I spent in the Australian snow (you read that correctly).

IMG_3139En route to Mt Selwyn… We flew into Canberra on Friday night, and left before the sun came up on Saturday morning. I was told it was minus something degrees – i.e really bloody cold for Australia.


Two and a bit hours in. No phone reception, the Wicked soundtrack… my sister killing defenceless animals with her singing.

I don’t get to see all my family that often. But when we do get together, it’s pretty special. Our get togethers usually involve snow sports of some description, possibly because my Dad has decided that snow sports are his mid life crisis hobby (well, it benefits us more than a sports car).

Also, I decided at this moment that renting snow gear officially sucks, and I’m now hunting for my very own skis. My Dad did three runs of the slopes, all while we were lined up waiting to be fitted for stuff. Decision made. 

IMG_3167IMG_3173We were lucky it was a gorgeous day on the slopes. Australia really knows how to turn on the weather for us.


And then my Dad, at the peak of his snow-high enthusiasm, said he’d buy us lunch if we rode the slopes in our onesies. Challenge accepted. We just happened to have them in the car.



Our family pretty much has no shame. We’ll do anything for free. Particularly when it involves food.


It was freezing by that point, so we kept them on the whole afternoon. We also got lunch the next day too. And we weren’t on the slopes either.

IMG_3206Our version of the humble snow man 🙂

IMG_3218Would do it again in a heartbeat.

IMG_3226.jpgMy family is pretty great 🙂


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